Bug of the Month: April 2007 – Luna Moth in Texas

Luna Moth
Took a pic of this Luna Moth on February 27, 2007, just north of Houston, Tx

Hi Lynne,
This is the first official Luna Moth photo we have received this year, and it is a gorgeous photo.

Ed. Note: (04/01/2007)
We have been receiving countless letters and images of Luna Moths from the Southern part of their range beginning in February and increasing in March. We suspect it is not too late to make the Luna Moth the Bug of the Month for April since the northern specimens will begin to emerge as springtime weather hits the north. These emergences should continue through May and June for the most northern specimens in Maine and Canada. Luna Moths overwinter in cocoons formed around leaves from the deciduous trees that they feed upon. These cocoons usually drop to the ground where they remain among the leaf litter. The warm spring sun stimulates the metamorphosis of the adult. Adults live only a few days and do not feed. They mate, lay eggs and die if they do not become a food source for birds and other predators first. The caterpillars spend the summer fattening up on leaves before pupating. There are two generations in the southern portion of the range.

13 thoughts on “Bug of the Month: April 2007 – Luna Moth in Texas”

  1. We have one of the Luna Moths sitting on our front door. I am in Smithland Ky, right on the cumberland river, and ohio river. In my 45 years of age, this is the first Luna Moth I have ever seen.
    Very nice site to see.

  2. I just stepped out into my back porch and as I was coming back in the house I saw this big green moth….I googled to find out what bug is this and found out it’s a Luna Moth or Moon Moth.
    I had never seen this type of moth in my life. I am in Atlanta, GA

  3. I saw this unusual moth, that I have never seen before and decided to take a photo of it. We live in Massachusetts and are getting the remnants of a tropical storm up here, I wonder if that is why it found its way so North? It turns out to be this Luna Moth. Never seen anything like it!


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