Bug Mimicking Swift Spider eats Net Casting Spider in Australia

aussietrev foodchain S picta eats D.ravidus
November 29, 2009
Hi guys,
Hope the book is progressing well. Will you have it for sale on the site? Thought you might like this shot of Suppuna Picta finishing off a male Dinopis ravidus (Net casting spider)
South East Queensland. Australia

Bug Mimic Spider eats Net Casting Spider
Bug Mimic Spider eats Net Casting Spider

Hi Trevor,
Nice of you to ask about the book.  Coincidentally, we sent off the first draft today.  Now we wait for the editor’s comments before beginning to rewrite.  We had to correct the spelling on Supunna picta before we could find a link.  Thanks for the great photo.  Interesting that the Bug Mimicking Swift Spider mimics the nymphs of the Gum Tree Shield Bug.

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