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Bug Love
Hi Guys…Love your site! Showed it to my 17 year old who is thinking about art school for college to show him how an art degree can parlay into anything you want as long as you are passionate about it! He’s 17, but I think he was impressed, but who knows, he is 17!!! I wanted to forward a copy of a poster that my friend Rick and I made featuring bug love based on my photos. We thought up the idea one day at the beach after way too much beer and finally got it together after about 3 years of “talking about it”. So, without a doubt, we will have sunk some hard earned money into this poster with no real desire to make any money, and of course no real chance, but at least we hope to have some fun at it!!! And we are donating a portion of the proceeds (yeah right, like there will be any!) to insect conservation, maybe the Xerces Foundation or NABA or some such entity….I guess once we actually make some money we can figure out where to send it… So I know you guys are incredibly busy starting school etc… (my wife teaches too and September is insane!) but I wanted to see if we could chat about featuring the poster on your website. I really think your viewers might enjoy it and we can make some kind of arrangement so that you get the benefit as well of any sales. But I do want to stress that Rick and I are not really looking to make money on this only to have fun and hopefully not to lose the money we have already put into it! I think the poster is perfect for your website! I’d love to send you a hard copy, or if you want I can send you 25 or so to try out and see what happens, I just need a mailing address. The poster is printed on high quality stock and is 18″ x 24″ . Well, I hope reading this wasnt as painful as some freshman essay on “what I did for my summer”! ps….since you guys are obviously bug freaks, you may have seen some stories about my research with my colleagues at Rutgers and Princeton on strapping tiny radio transmitters on Anax junius and following them in migration…I’m a bug freak too! Anyway, I hope to hear from you, feel free to reach out for me via email…

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