Bug Inspired Quilts by The Bugman

January 25, 2012
Daniel, the WTB? Bugman, makes quilts in his spare time, and though this is occasionally mentioned on the website, there is no photo-documentation of it.  Today, we created a new Bug Art category, and it seemed like a good time to post a few photos of bug inspired quilts.    Back in 2002 when the website was originally designed, the childlike font used as the logo was created from a photograph of the embroidered title of a large quilted picnic blanket of the same name.  Daniel and Lisa Anne were relaxing on that quilt when the photographer from Sunset Magazine dropped by the offices back in 2007.

WTB? Staff on What's That Bug picnic blanket

Alas, there are no good digital images of that quilt, so when time allows, we will make sure there is a new photo taken.  Meanwhile, Daniel completed another quilt called World Wide Web several years ago, and we present that photo for your artistic critique.

World Wide Web quilt by Daniel Marlos


5 thoughts on “Bug Inspired Quilts by The Bugman”

  1. Well I think it’s beautiful Daniel. I would say it’s a little bit psychedelic-looking, with overtones of op art and mandalas.

  2. Nature can display both of those aspects, the sublime and the domestic.

    Indeed, that’s one of the reasons why nature study is so mind-broadening.


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