Bug Collection needs identification

Subject:  Identification
Geographic location of the bug:  Alabama
Date: 09/10/2017
Time: 11:27 AM EDT
I am doing a bug project and I need to have this bug identified
How you want your letter signed:  Evan

Bug Collection

Dear Evan,
Your attached image is not of a bug, but of a collection that contains 15 creatures or creature parts that we suspect you are requesting us to identify for you.  Additionally, we are presuming your “need” is in some way related to credit for a course of study for which you will be receiving a grade.  Many years ago we posted a submission we titled What’s That Bug will not do your child’s homework and we still stand by that policy.  We fully understand the pedagogy of teachers assigning an insect collection as a learning exercise in a science class, but we are appalled at the disregard shown by many desperate students who request (and often demand) our assistance as their deadlines approach.  We suspect there was some lecture material on the taxonomy of identification provided to you in class, and that there is perhaps even a text book for your class that has some information that you could use to begin searching for the information you need to complete your bug project.  
You may search our extensive archives, or find other sources on the internet including BugGuide where you should be able to find the answers you desire within a few hours.  We graciously decline your request for us to do your homework for you.  If we have misinterpreted your request, please let us know. 

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