Buffalo Treehopper

study in green
Hi, Daniel,
This beautiful little guy is about the size of, and just "feels" to me like, a leafhopper of some sort, despite the unusual shape. I don’t see him on your site anywhere, but could have missed it. Any idea what I’ve got here? BTW, this is the third picture I’ve sent you, and I’ve wondered since the first what image size you would prefer to receive that would minimize the work on your end. I know there’s a lot of work involved in being as responsive as you are, and we should lighten your load as much as we can. Do you want high resolution for detail in your archives, or small size for ease and speed?
Many thanks, David in Kentucky

Hi David,
You couldn’t locate your Buffalo Treehopper, Ceresa species, on our site because we haven’t had one until yours. There are many species and they are very difficult to distinguish from one another. Regarding image size, we used to prefer smaller images because our mailbox easily overloaded. Now we have a 100 megabyte box, and don’t have many problems. Because we have designs on both a calendar and a book, we like our best and most interesting images to be of the highest quality. Also, just upgrading to DSL helps with download time. We always need to reformat, crop and color correct anyways. Thanks for asking.

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