Another unsolved butterfly identification
Mr Bugman,
I have recently photographed some Buckeye butterflies here in Charlotte, NC on 10/14/07. Some from the top view and from the side. However, the side shot pictures I took recently look different from a butterfly I photographed a couple of months ago in southern Indiana. I thought it was a Buckeye and now I am wondering what it is. It’s markings on the underside of the fore wing and hind wing look completely different from the pictures I took recently of the side of the Buckeye. And it is lighter in color. I tried to find one similar and I just don’t know if it is a Buckeye. Can you confirm? Thanks,
Patrick Crone

Hi Patrick,
We just noticed this additional submission from you. You are correct. This is a Buckeye and it matches an image posted on BugGuide.

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