Buckeye Metamorphosis

Our Caterpillar Turned into a Butterfly Today….or is it a Moth??
I had written a few weeks back (see below), and hadn’t heard back from you…I completely understand why…no worries really 🙂 But my four year old and I decided to “keep” the caterpillar. I was going to put him outside the next morning, but woke up to him in a cocoon! I figured he’d be fine if we kept him until he emerged. And today it happened! My daughter noticed the cocoon was empty and his short visit was over. Thought you might like a before and after shot 🙂
Brittany Clarke

(09/28/2007) Caterpillar Question
My four year old found this little guy in the grass. We live in the northwestern part of Virginia & was wondering what kind of caterpillar this is. After looking through your site, the closest I can guess is a Mourning Cloak or Brush Footed??? Your help is much appreciated!!!! 🙂
Brittany Clarke

Hi Brittany,
Thank you so much for your patience, both at our lack of response, and with the wait for your Common Buckeye caterpillar to metamorphose into the adult Common Buckeye butterfly.

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