Brown Thrasher eats insect

Early Worm Gets the Bird
Location: S. Illinois
May 11, 2011 5:56 pm
The first Cicada of the season gets got by a Brown Thrasher.
Not sure if this is an annual or periodical cicada, we’re due for Brood XIX 13 year periodicals any time now.
Signature: Bert

Brown Thrasher eating something

Hi Bert,
The insect in your photo appears to have mandibles for chewing, unlike the piercing and sucking mouthparts of a Cicada.  We would be more inclined to identify the prey in this photo as a Beetle Grub.

Pretty sure it is a Cicada nymph, and what you’re seeing as mandibles is actually one of the weird clamp-claws that cicada nymphs have. Also, the color is more consistent with a cicada nymph than with most beetle grubs.

Hi Again Bert,
Thanks for the clarification.  Photos can be quite deceptive, and you were the actual observer and you know what a Cicada looks like.  Thanks again for sending us your wonderful photograph.

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