Brown Prionid

Orthosoma brunneum
I cam across your web site while trying to identify a caterpillar and fell in love. I check out your site almost every day I just can’t get enough of all the great pics and info. With my 7year old daughter being a bug fanatic we have had quite a few bug pet that we keep for a couple of days to watch and then let them go. So when ever we find a new one we check here first. Anyway in search of identification on this one. I found him on my front porch at night by the light. We live in southwest PA. I believe it to be an Orthosoma brunneum. The one I found on your site you were not sure because of the pic so I hope my picture will help. Keep up the good work I’ll always be a viewer. Thanks

Hi Mike,
You are correct. Orthosoma burnneum is commonly called the Brown Prionid. We are thrilled to hear you and your daughter get such enjoyment from our website.

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  1. we found a orthosoma burneum in our pool today. He is now resting in my 7 year old son’s bug trap overnight. He seems to burrow in the soil. Will he be okay overnight with roots and soil?
    Buggy brewers, west hartford, CT


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