bug question, duh
What the heck is the big guy?

Hi Molly,
Labeling your photo “wedding and grad party” isn’t really what we had in mind when we put a request on our homepage for readers to provide us with location information on their submissions. We prefer global location information since that is much more useful considering letters come to us from all over the world. The “duh” in your subject heading leads us to believe there might have been some intoxication involved at the wedding and graduation party, and we are thrilled there is an auto focus feature on modern cameras allowing even operators with a high blood alcohol level to take crisp clear photos like yours. We hope the hangover has subsided. This is a Brown Prionid, Orthosoma brunneum. They are attracted to lights, which is probably the reason the small moth is hitch-hiking. They are found in moist locations in eastern North America. Eggs are laid in wood in contact with wet ground, including poles.

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