Brown Prionid

longhorn borer?
Location: alamo, tn.
June 22, 2011 11:26 am
If you have the time will you please give me the exact name of this beauty. I was sooo pleased to see him this morning. He was 2 inches in size. Thank you, beth light
Signature: beth light

Brown Prionid

Dear Beth,
We cannot help but to be overjoyed to read of your enthusiasm at this sighting and to read that you consider this magnificent beetle to be a “beauty”, but we couldn’t agree more.  It is a Brown Prionid,
Orthosoma brunneum, and according to BugGuide it is found in moist forests in Eastern North America (Bugguide does indicate sightings in Texas) and it breeds in rotting wood found in contact with the ground.  Prionids are a subfamily of the Longhorned Borers.

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  1. Saw one of these today here in NJ. Impressive critter, more shiny bronze colored than dull brown. Easily 1.75″ long. Had to look him up!


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