Subject: roach?
Location: Portland, Oregon 97266
December 30, 2012 5:06 pm
Hi! I’ve had 4 of these in my room, and found a couple dead downstairs. Looking through your site I *think* it’s some kind of roach.
The bugs seem to be attracted to light, both natural and lamps (I found the first two in my lamp, and the other two were on or around the window on a sunny day. They fly, but not very quickly.
Should I be worried about them harming my home or myself?
Thank you for your time, and your site! I’ve used it several times to ID bugs since I moved to Oregon from Minnesota!
Signature: Lynnette Carlson

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Dear Lynnette,
This is a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug,
Halyomorpha halys, and we just learned on BugGuide that it also has two other common names:  Interstate Bug and Asian Stink Bug.  This is an introduced species that does not have any natural predators in North America, so it is increasing in numbers and expanding its range unchecked.  Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs frequently enter homes as the weather cools so that they can escape harsh temperatures and hibernate until spring.  We suspect that you are finding individuals that have entered you home to escape winter conditions.  They will not harm you or your home, though they are a nuisance.  Additionally, their increasing numbers might be contributing to the decline of native species that compete for food and habitat.

Location: Oregon

3 Responses to Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

  1. JR says:

    I found this same bug today when I opened my eyes and wondered what was so wide with weird legs doing above my bed on the wall. Online it says they hide in certain areas, but this bug was on my wall. I captured it, but before capturing it I tried to see if it would move when I stuck something by it and nope it just stood there. Online says they come in and then go into a state of hibernation. Maybe it was hibernating for now. Last night I kept hearing something though that bugged my ear, thought something entered it, now waking to find this large bug I been curious.

    Online and your picture above of the bug next to a dime, it says it’s about that size. But, my bug is like a nickel size, and with its legs out about the weight of a quarter. So is mine the largest reported stink bug in America? Mine is in Oregon, also in a county that isn’t listed on our government sites saying where this bug is seen. So it’s in an area where it hasn’t been recorded I guess. Right now it’s moving about in the container, it only moved its wings a few times maybe that was its stink to come out. Not sure. I also have these smaller brown winged bugs in the house, I can kill 20 of them to waking up the next day to finding like 20 more, then next day finding like 20 more. They keep showing up every day, but only thing is there isn’t really anything opened leading outside to inside where these bugs keeping appearing, like in the bathroom and kitchen, are they coming through the vents? The little brown but long thin bugs are yet to be found online, so I don’t have a name for them as of yet, but they fly a lot and seem to be single or in pairs on walls and above your head, some hanging on another as it moves on the walls and such. Then there are these weird clear-like crawling bugs, they seem oddly yellowish with something pink inside, they come with tiny like red heads so tiny though and their bodies stretch as they move. I find them only high on the walls or ceiling walking along the crack lines of the walls. I caught three, normally I kill them so they don’t become more brown bugs what I think they might be. You never see them on the lower parts of any walls. I would post pictures, but I don’t see where I can on here. How did she or you guys enter a picture of the stink bug above? Let me add some pics? Unless you know the three bugs I speak of, found inside the home so far. But like I said, my stink bug is massive. You thought it looked like a beetle, but to me mine looks more like a giant tick.

  2. JR says:

    weight of a quarter: I meant, width*. where these bugs keeping appearing: keep* tiny like red heads so tiny though and their bodies stretch as they move <–I think these are larva or some kind of baby bug as it's alive and moving about on the walls.
    Location found: Albany, Oregon.
    "Discovered by chance at a Portland home in 2004, the stink bug has since been found in Hood River and Jackson counties, home to high-value fruit orchards." But mine isn't found in those areas.

    Mine so far had no smell. maybe now in the container it let lose a nasty one, but I'm not checking that. Lol.

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