Brown Leatherwing

Cant ID this beetle
Location: Southern california (el cajon)
April 17, 2011 3:21 pm
OK Ive been going nuts on Google trying to find these guys , i made a little garden around a sycamore tree and these things are EVERYWHERE hundreds of them and i cant seem to ID him would be appreciate it , Sorry about the photo quality hard to take a pic of em , they seem to ”sleep” during the day and if you wake them they run off and fly they’re about an inch long total wish i could describe them better , Thanks.
Signature: -Joe

Brown Leatherwings

Hi Joe,
Though your photo is quite blurry, we are relatively certain you have Brown Leatherwings,
Pacificanthia consors, though that common name is attributed to Charles Hogue in his awesome book, Insects of the Los Angeles Basis, and the common name is not recognized on BugGuide.  According to Hogue, Brown Leatherwings feed on small insects they find among leaf litter, so they will not damage you nor your property.

Thanks for the quick response , yep thats them alright its very much appreciated thank you for your time.

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