Brown Hooded Owlet Moth Caterpillar

3 great iPhotos
Greetings – These were unidentified until my brother spotted your brown hooded owlet moth caterpillar picture of one that I believe is similar. These were eating purple asters in our yard in Eldorado, NM, just outside Santa Fe late August, 2005. I thought these pictures were better than the ones you have, so here they are. Wouldn’t mind getting credit for the photos.
Your site is great, although it seems to be very slow to load certain screens on my dial-up connection.
Best regards,
Herkus Von Letkemann

Hi Herkus,
Yes, this is a Brown Hooded Owlet Moth Caterpillar. We are posting it with your letter. Our site is currently experiencing technical difficulty which we hope to correct soon.

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