Brood XIII: Emergence of a Periodical Cicada

Brood XIII: Emergence of a Periodical Cicada
Chicago Periodical Cicadas 4 U!
Hi guys!
I’ve finally got some good cicada pix for you. I will send them in a separate email so you will for sure get this message. Sometime mail with attachments don’t go through. Please respond if you do get this so I know that you know pix are on their way. I usually do this every time I send a photo with an email just so I know cuz I’m OC that way. The meds really help, let me tell you.
Most sincerely,
Joanne M. Pleskovich
ps – they are copyrighted ONLY because photos tend to get nicked off the web. Please know I am giving you permission to use them for what ever you want as long as my name stays with them. You can keep this email as proof in case of future litigation. Ha ha! me so funny!

Hi Joanne,
Thanks for sending your wonderful Periodical Cicada emergence images. It took a bit of time to reformat all your images to conform to our site and still maintain your copyright information, though there has been a bit of cropping. Thanks again for the amazing documentation.

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