Brood II Periodical Cicada

Subject: Brood II Periodical Cicada
Location: Manassas, VA
August 20, 2013 6:01 am
Hi Bugman-
These pictures were taken in the Manassas National Battlefield Park (in Manassas, VA) on June 15th. There were quite a few cicadas still around at that time, but not as many as previous weekends. The cicada and exoskeleton were on different trees, so it is unlikely they are ”related”.
Hope you enjoy the pics!
Signature: Katherine

Periodical Cicada
Periodical Cicada

Hi Katherine,
Thanks for your photos.  Are you the same Katie from Manassas who sent us the Brood II metamorphosis images this past June?

Periodical Cicada Exuvia
Periodical Cicada Exuvia

Nope! That wasn’t me. I was on your site looking to identify another bug and noticed you had very few pictures of our cicadas.

Interesting coincidence.


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