Bronze Orange Stink Bug from Australia

Subject: Bug living on Citrus Tree
Location: Sydney Australia
December 27, 2013 1:50 am
Hi Bugman,
My 3 yo spends a lot of time in the garden with insects. He has me stumped on this bug we’ve found on a citrus tree leave in Southern Hemisphere summer (Dec). Can u help?
Signature: Aranchii

Bronze Orange Stink Bug
Bronze Orange Stink Bug

Hi Aranchii,
We did a web search of “stink bug citrus Australia” and we found an image of your Bronze Orange Stink Bug,
Musgraveia sulciventris, on the Butterfly House website where we frequently search for Australian caterpillars.  Seems they have a page devoted to the lemon tree.  According to the Brisbane Insect website:  “They suck sap from young shoots of of the plants. The first and second pictures above show the bugs sucking the juice from the new shot of the Citrus plant. Notice their sucking mouth-parts and the wilted tips of the plant. …  After mating the females lay eggs on leaf for the next generations.”

Thanks for the quick response Daniel!

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