Broken Paypal Button fixed and Coconut Rhino Beetle found on Oahu

Aloha Daniel & crew –
In early January I donated to your page via the Paypal button.
It bounced back to me as Paypal doesn’t seem to have that email address affiliated with your page.
When this rejection occurred, I wrote you a note using the submission section of your site and it seems the email system just bounced it back.
So here I am using the two email addresses I’ve had for you.
May you get the donation button fixed. And let us know when it is working.
Here’s a link to a story about the discovery of the Coconut rhino beetle found on Oahu.
And another one –
Take care –

Thanks Eliza,
It is so kind of you to let us know about this problem, which probably explains why revenue is way, way down.  We are copying Daniel the web master to have him check on the problem with the Paypal button.

Update from our webmaster
Hello. I fixed the bad address, probably shortly after you noticed the problem. Feel free to try it again! Unfortunately, people don’t donate very often. I wish I knew why!

Most welcome & many thanks to you both for your responses.
Saw my post on the site this morning. Will donate next month. 😉
May your words and the post today help things along in the donation department.
Smiles ~

2 thoughts on “Broken Paypal Button fixed and Coconut Rhino Beetle found on Oahu”

  1. The low donation rate may be because the donate box is preloaded with 10 dollars which may put some people off especially given how tight things are for so many people these days. I know that people can change that amount when donating but many may not. Perhaps to the left of the box you could write “Enter your donation amount here. Every little bit helps” and set the box to blank or if that is not possible then to a smaller amount.


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