Need help with a large bug
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
June 27, 2011 8:45 am
I have two small kids and this bug is a giant. Never seen anything like it in PA before. (Pittsburgh, PA, 6/26/11, Early Summer)
We have some damage to our trees too, wondering if this guy is the culprit. Any help is appreciated
Signature: Jeff Schroeffel

Broad-Necked Root Borer

Hi Jeff,
We have recently received numerous requests to identify the Broad-Necked Root Borer,
Prionus laticollis, the insect in your photograph.  We even posted a photo of a female Broad-Necked Root Borer over the weekend.  Your individual is also a female also, and we are posting your image because it illustrates the ovipositor, the stingerlike appendage protruding from the rear end of the beetles abdomen.  Here is the BugGuide description of the egg laying process:  “Eggs are inserted into ground (or under litter) in groups. Larvae tunnel downward to feed on living roots of a variety of trees and shrubs. At first they may feed on bark, but then proceed to hollow out small roots. Pupation occurs in spring, about 10 cm under the ground. Life cycle probably three years.”

Location: Pennsylvania

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