Large, Fat Beetle in SE Virginia
Location: SE Virginia
June 26, 2011 8:30 am
Greetings. I found a large beetle in the yard today. It had good sized mandibles, was big and fat. Maybe it’s a female? It had some kind of white froth (bubbles) oozing out its sides and on it’s legs. If I touched it, it would spin around, jump up on its legs and flare it’s mandibles. Most beetles I’ve seen around here are flat, but this one was big and fat. We live near a wooded area. I release it back into the woods. Pictures enclosed. Thanks!
Signature: Ted

Broad Necked Root Borer

Hi Ted,
This is a female Broad Necked Root Borer,
Prionus laticollis.  The males are slightly smaller and more active and have spectacular antennae.  See BugGuide for additional information.

Location: Virginia

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