Subject: Strange creature–land or sea?
Location: Anna Maria Island, Florida
March 25, 2017 5:47 am
We were walking the beach on Anna Maria Island in Florida when we came upon this fellow. It was right on the wet sand where the waves come up. Couldn’t tell where he came from or where he was going. Any ideas?
Signature: Nan

Bristle Worm

Dear Nan,
This Bristle Worm is actually an Annelid marine worm.  We found this matching image on Matthew Meier Photo and another on Florida Sportsman.    

Location: Anna Maria Island, Florida

One Response to Bristle Worm

  1. ? I have found a bristle something Aline, deeply snarled in scrub rags I had washed and dried. While folding I ran into black hard bristles that I have encountered, but thought them just junk I had dug out of a crack when deep cleaning. Today two had movement. I had already removed one in tiny pits—questioning why it had moisture but crediting it to gum or jelly it bumped into. When I found a second one I realized—to my horror—these are organisms. About a 1/4 in long (?) or it may be a hump of a larger thing—which I doubt. They actually look like the eyelash color attachment provided on a stick with eyelash extender tubes. Shorter. Round. Really not nice but these rags were likely used to clean out a garbage disposal drain, that had stopped working. I suppose it could have come up the drain (???) I have kept him (on the ledge in the utility room—unless something knocked it down). It was definitely had life when found (…or it crawled away…?????). Supported also by the other bristles having moisture.

    I found this by thinking they look like they are mostly bristles and it came to me you would name them bristle bug (my initial search).

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