Bristle Fly from Australia

Subject: Can you please name my bug
Location: Mandurah Western Australia
July 28, 2015 1:25 pm
Can you please identify this little fly
Thank you Tracey Marinkovic
Signature: Just a name

Bristle Fly
Bristle Fly

Dear Tracey,
We are more than prepared to supply you with a response, and we hope you respond to our questions as well.  This looks very much like a Bristle Fly,
Amphibolia vidua, a species in the family Tachinidae from Australia that has caused a bit of confusion on our site in the past.  According to the head of Entomology of Csiro regarding a previous posting:  “Its larvae feed as a parasite internally on other insects.  On sunny days in summer the adults often rest on smooth eucalypt tree trunks, and similar structures such as poles and pipes.”  We also know that adult Tachinid Flies frequently visit flowers.  We are very curious for you to explain why you titled your images “snail parasite” and we hope you can provide us with an explanation. 

Bristle Fly
Bristle Fly

The only reason my bug had Snail Parasite written on it was I seen the pic of one on the Internet and thought it looked like one. I was just guessing cheers and thank you

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