Brazilian Wandering Spider: Most Venomous Animal

Brazilian wandering spider
Hi guys,
I searched your site hi and low trying to identify this little beauty I found when clearing out my shed the other day. I caught it in a jar, photographed it and let it go out the back and when I released it it actually ran after me. Every time I stopped it would change direction and come after me again. Eventually, after going through several links, I have identified it as a Brazilian Wandering Spider Phoneutria nigriventer and to quote from Wikipedia ” The Brazilian wandering spiders appear in the Guinness Book of World Records 2007 for the most venomous animal. These spiders are notorious both due to their toxic venom, and because they are not reluctant to attack people who appear threatening. ” After reading this I thought I should have released it a bit farther from home.

Hi Martin,
We are happy you were able to write to us after your encounter with this Brazilian Wandering Spider and are thrilled to be able to post your story and photos to our site. We started to research, and our first hit has a different species name. Phoneutria fera is described as: “The Brazilian Wandering Spider is not for the ‘pet keeper’. Brazilian Wandering Spiders are extremely fast, extremely venomous, and extremely aggressive. These large and dangerous true spiders are ranked among the most venomous spiders known to man. In fact, the Brazilian Wandering Spider is the most venomous spider in the New World! In South America, these true spiders are commonly encountered in peoples’ homes, supposedly hiding in peoples’ shoes, hats, and other clothes. The Brazilian Wandering Spider does not remain on a web, rather, it wanders the forest floor, hence the name.” Our favorite information on Wikipedia is that Phoneutria is Greek for “murderess”. Here is one final tidbit about the effect of the bite of the Brazilian Wandering Spider on the human male.

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