Braconid Wasp from the UK

Subject:  Looks like a Rose Sawfly BUT…….
Geographic location of the bug:  Five Ashes, East Sussex, UK
Date: 08/29/2017
Time: 03:21 AM EDT
I, at first, thought this must be an Ichneumon wasp because of what appears to be very long antennae and ovipositor, but the coloration exactly matches a Rose Sawfly. Any help gratefully received.
How you want your letter signed:  Nigel Horsley

Braconid Wasp

Dear Nigel,
This is definitely a parasitoid, not a Sawfly.  We suspect it is a Braconid, a family closely related to the Ichneumons.  Here is an Alchetron page with some similar looking Braconids, and Alamy has a nice image.  We are reluctant to speculate on a species, but if you find out any additional information, please give us an update.

Many thanks Daniel.  You are totally on the right track.  I now think it’s likely to be Atanycolus sp.
Best wishes, Nigel.

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