Brachonid Wasp and Wood Boring Grub

wood eating larvae and flying adult
Dear What’s That Bug,
I browsed through your selection of insects and did a search but didn’t find the insect I’m looking for so I’m wondering if you can identify this insect. I have attached a photo with the adult, a larvae and a piece of wood the larvae has been eating as reference. I have some larvae eating a particular kind of wood in my wood pile. The wood is some kind of conifer. I also have maple and willow logs and branches on the pile but these guys only seem to like the conifer branches. When active in the pile these guys make a bunch of noise, like a rapid clicking. Any idea who this critter is?
JR Prospal
graphic and web site design

Hi JR,
Your written account is fascinating, but we believe you have a slight misinterpretation of the events. First, your flying adult is one of the Brachonid Wasps. There are many species with black bodies and red abdomens. These wasps are parasites and might be preying upon the wood boring grubs in your pine brances. The grub appears to be a Cerambycid Beetle larva.

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