Boxelder Bug Nymph: Democrat Bugs

Red bug thing
Location: Austin, TX
March 30, 2011 12:56 pm
Can you please help me identify? We live in Austin, TX and these seem to be infesting the yard and wooded areas… clustered in large groups.
Signature: Sarah Warland

Boxelder Bug Nymph

Hi Sarah,
This is an immature Eastern Boxelder Bug nymph,
Boisea trivittata.  Adults and nymphs can become a nuisance because they often form large aggregations and they often enter homes in the fall where they hibernate until warm weather returns.  They will not harm the home, but most folks do not want to share their dwellings with great quantities of insects.  They feed upon the seeds of boxelder and other maples, so they also do not have a direct negative impact on the plants themselves.  They are benign insects, but again, they are considered a nuisance since they can become quite plentiful.  Depending upon your political affiliation, you may or may not find it amusing that they are also commonly called Democrat Bugs.

Cool!  Thanks so much… we do seem to be infested but I am glad to know they are not harmful.
Much appreciated!!

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