Curious – Red Bug – Beetle?
I ran across your site while investigating what this bug may be. I live Eastern Ontario (Ottawa), Canada. These bugs have been here since June, Usually clump together on wood. But lately they have been spreading out, on leaves of plants and my covering my basement windows. They are pretty, but I am wondering what they are and if I should be worried. I appreciate any help you may have to offer. I have attached 2 photo’s. One of them clumped together and another on their own. Thank you in advance

Hi Christina,
We try to keep a photo of Boxelder Bugs on our homepage, especially in the autumn when they become more noticeable and sometimes seek shelter inside homes. They are Scentless Plant Bugs that form large groupings of the red wingless nymphs along with the black and red winged adults. These groupings are known as aggregations. There are several products as well as numerous websites advertising methods to rid your yard of Boxelder Bugs.

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