Bottlebrush Sawfly from Australia

Subject: Wasp type
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
January 29, 2016 8:40 pm
Hi. Found a new wasp sp. in my backyard. Looks somewhat like a Popper Wasp, back lacks yellow legs etc. Any thoughts?
Signature: Tim D

Bottlebrush Sawfly
Bottlebrush Sawfly

Dear Tim,
This is a Bottlebrush Sawfly,
Pterygophorus cinctus, and we previously misidentified as possibly a Potter Wasp ourselves once.  Your image is quite beautiful.

Thanks Daniel!
I’ve been having a bit of a influx of fly/wasp type sp. into my inner suburban Melbourne (Aust) backyard this summer, including Banded Beefly, Wasp-mimic Hoverfly, as well as other more common hoverfly and butterflies such as Common Darts. Very unusual but very fascinating!

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  1. I saw a bug similar to this one in Winnipeg, however instead it had 2 orange stingers, I was wondering if this was the same insect?


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