Subject: What’s this turquoise and black bug we found??
Location: Sydney, Australia
November 27, 2012 5:51 pm
Hi there! My kiddos found this bug on their bedroom window this morning (28/11/2012 – spring) and because it’s one we’ve never seen before we wanted to know what it was! We’re also a homeschooling family so this is a great opportunity for us to do an impromptu unit study and learn more about the things in the world around us! However, we can’t really study an unidentified insect so we’re hoping you can help. The bug is around 2cm long, is black with turquoise-coloured markings and the front of it’s face is long like a snout with antennae on the end. We understand that you can’t answer everyone but we’re looking forward to your reply if possible. Thanks so much! Regards, Amanda Ramirez.
Signature: Ramirez family in Sydney Australia

Botany Bay Weevil

Hi Amanda,
This is a Botany Bay Weevil,
Chrysolopus spectabilis, and you might enjoy this posting from our archive (Unnecessary Carnage) that has a happy ending.


Location: Australia

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