Bot Fly

Hey Bugman,
Love your site and use it a lot. I believe this is a new born
Carpenter bee. I watched and listened to a Queen bore a nest in the railing of my deck this spring. This morning I found this on a leaf below where the hole from the nest is. I thought I would share with you and your followers these pictures of a new born. It has quite a “cute” pig like face and exclamation points in it’s eyes. Thank you,
Chicago, Illinois

Hi Glenn,
You are mistaken in your identification. This is not a bee, but a fly. It is a Bot Fly to be exact. Bot Flies are mammalian endoparasites. There are species in the tropics whose larvae live inside human hosts, but the North American species are parasitic on rodents. They are also called Warble Flies. Eric Eaton has this to add: “Hi, Daniel: The bot fly is another species in the genus Cuterebra, the rabbit and rodent bot flies. The red in the eyes is characteristic of some species. Don’t know if there is a good website on them, but there is a great technical book on them with some nice images and lots of information on their bizarre biology…. Eric”

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