Bot Fly Larva

Subject: Parasitic Larva
Location: Chihuahuan Desert, Far West Texas near the Rio Grande
April 19, 2013 4:01 pm
Hi there! This morning I set out to doctor what I thought was an infected thorn stuck in my dog’s side. Imagine my shock when instead of a thorn, I pulled out a wiggling larva! It didn’t look like a normal fly maggot to me, and a quick search of the internet pointed me to the Bot Fly. I’d really appreciate your expertise to clear up this baby bug’s identity.
Signature: Sara

Bot Fly Larva
Bot Fly Larva

Hi Sara,
We are really happy you identified your dog’s Bot Fly Larva, and even though they are allegedly not a threat to the health of the host, your dog is probably relieved to have had it removed.

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