Bot Fly

Black Horsefly
Great Web site! I’m the airport photographer at Cottonwood Airport, Arizona. I happened to be in an open hangar Monday (23rd) afternoon and spotted this black Horsefly on the floor. It was a very hot day and the fly appeared to have trouble flying — in fact, it acted like it was exhausted and really didn’t want to move. I just happened to have my Canon SD950 camera with me that day (I normally have my Nikon D300) and decided to try an get a picture of it, using Macro mode. (After all, I photograph everything else that flies!) I’m somewhat pleased with the result and thought I’d share it with you. If you care to use it, you have my permission. Keep up the good work.
Gordon Goddard
Cottonwood Airport Photographer

Howdy to you too Gordon,
This isn’t a horse fly. It is a Bot Fly. The larvae are internal parasites of rodents, and depending upon the species, other mammals.

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