Bot Fly Larva

Subject: Bot fly larva found in house!
Location: Cherokee County, NC
July 24, 2013 7:28 am
We found this fat little fellow slowly inching across the floor of our family room earlier this morning. Last night our cat decided to entertain herself by bringing in a dead mouse, so I think the little maggot likely came from the unfortunate rodent. It measured about an inch when scrunched up in the shape pictured, and a little longer when tying to move.
The mouse appeared to be a common house mouse, so I’m thinking it might be a Rodent bot fly, perhaps?
Signature: Jacob

Bot Fly Larva
Bot Fly Larva

Dear Jacob,
Your Bot Fly Larva photo is a welcome addition to our site.
  Your speculation that it came from the mouse your cat brought in is most likely correct.

2 thoughts on “Bot Fly Larva”

  1. We live just south of Denver and our German Shorthair is infested with 5-7 bot maggots, probably a rabbit variety as he is constantly hunting, investigating, and pointing on rabbit dens. I have one of the maggots in our freezer because I discovered it as it popped out when I was checking to see if the the puncture wounds we thought he had were getting infected and required a visit to the vet. I called the vet who told us we could wait and they would come out on their own as long as he is not acting sick. I am wondering how to keep him from hosting them in the future.


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