Hector, our last remaining Angelfish, nears his 7th Birthday

Date:  February 9, 2017
We just received a very nice comment from Jack Dempsey on a very old posting of our mated pair of Angelfish, Boris and Medea Luna.  Though our aquarium has nothing to do with bugs (except we feed our fish mosquito larvae and bloodworms), our editorial staff added an Aquarium tag to WTB? to document our escapades.  Sadly, none of the four Angelfish we purchased on March 27, 2009 are still alive, but Hector who was born and raised in our aquarium in the spring of 2011 is big and beautiful and he lives in his own aquarium with a single Rummynose Tetra.  His body is well over three inches across and he is nearly 7 inches high.  He is a magnificent fish.

Hector is our last Angelfish.

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