Boris and Media Luna Spawn again. So have Lefty and Digitalis.

October 2, 2009
Yesterday Boris and Media Luna spawned again.  The last three batches of young all had extremely high mortality rates.  Only one of the most recent spawning lived, and two lived long enough to be moved to the grow out aquarium on the previous spawning.  Prior to that, 13 youngsters were raised.  Hopefully, there will be better luck with this new spawn.

Media Luna with yesterday's spawning
Media Luna with yesterday's spawning

October 3, 2009
Boris and Media Luna’s eggs hatched and they moved the brood.  Some fry have strayed from the leaf and been eaten by the Cardinal Tetras.  Last night, Lefty and Digitalis also laid eggs, or perhaps it was early this morning.  This batch of eggs seems viable.

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