Subject: Psocid?
Location: Presque Isle, Maine
August 30, 2012 9:08 am
Hi there!
All of a sudden (about a month ago), they showed up! Went to use my Food processor and the bowl was crawling with a bunch of them. Yuck!! I checked around in the closet and found a bunch more on platters and in canning jars I keep in there as well. I am a clean person and this has me freaked out!
Being a knowledge hound and wanting to know what they are, I took a photo and proceeded to look at image after image online to find one like it.
And I think I did! So I am asking you to confirm that the TEENY-TINY critter I photographed is what I think, a psocid, and that it will not harm the people, dog and cats that all live here. I intend to freeze the dog food that is also stored in that closet to kill off any that may be in there. NOTE: No other food is stored in there typically. I had some potatoes in there but threw them away a couple weeks ago and the closet isn’t near any water sources like sink or drains.
Signature: Gratefully, Creepy-crawled


Dear Creepy-crawled,
Though your photo is quite blurry, it does appear to be a Booklouse or Psocid.  Your excellent description confirms what the photo does not reveal.  You are correct that Booklice or Psocids are harmless, though they can be a nuisance if they are plentiful, as you learned firsthand.  More information on Psocids is available on BugGuide.

Location: Maine

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