Booklice infest buckwheat pillows

Subject:  Bug identification in buckwheat
Geographic location of the bug:  Seattle WA
Date: 02/12/2018
Time: 04:13 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hello,
I develop natural filled bed pillows and we recently came across a bugs in our pillows that are filled with buckwheat hulls. We are trying to get them identified to better know how to treat our problem. We normally order the buckwheat from a local supplier that imports it from Europe.  Any insight would help.
How you want your letter signed:  Best, Beatrice


Dear Beatrice,
You have Booklice.  The good news is that according to Bugwood Wiki:  “Within a home booklice are almost always found in damp areas that support the molds on which they feed. Bathrooms are common areas where they are encountered. Occasionally they may build in large numbers on grain products that have been stored poorly. The common name relates to their occasional association with books, papers and fabrics where they feed on the starchy materials (e.g., glues, fillers). Booklice are considered to be very minor household pests and the arid climate of Colorado suppresses the occurrence of many species. Booklice cannot bite humans.”  The bad news is that despite being somewhat benign, the presence of large numbers of Booklice in your pillows will probably be off-putting to some customers.  Furthermore, your damp Seattle climate is probably contributing to the Booklice reproducing and increasing their numbers.


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