Book Review: Butterflies photography by Thomas Marent

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A nice gift idea for butterfly fans
A nice gift idea for butterfly fans

Subject: Butterflies Book
November 25, 2015 1:42 pm
Hi Daniel,
I’ve been reading through your blog and there is so much amazing information here! I’ve seen bugs that I never knew existed before. What a great resource on the web.
I’m writing because I think your readers will love our new book, Butterflies. The book features some of the most colorful, spectacular and sometimes weird examples of the world’s butterflies and moths. Thomas Marent’s stunning photographs provide a close-up view of the remarkable family of insects known as Lepidoptera. The macro photography complements the enlightening text written by zoologist Ronald Orenstein, who explains the scientific curiosities of these amazing insects. Examples include such seldom-seen species as the green dragontail (Indonesia), Mexican kite-swallowtail (Costa Rica), the alpine black swallowtail (China) and European sulphurs.
Would you like a review copy? If so, send me your mailing address and I’ll send one off to you.
Signature: Caroline Young

December 2, 2015
Dear Caroline,
The Butterflies arrived today and we haven’t opened it yet.  We cannot get past the stunningly beautiful cover
image of an amorous pair of Marbled White Butterflies (see Butterflies).  Do you have an image to accompany the posting we will be writing?

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