Bold Jumper eats Fruit Fly

Subject: Phidippus audax
Location: Toronto, Ontario
March 15, 2016 4:56 pm
I saved this darling little guy the other day, just in time for Save a Spider Day on March 14th. I will keep him comfortable inside until it is warm enough to release him.
I located some flightless fruitflies for him tonight.
Salticidae are my favourite family of spiders and these little P. audax have so much personality!
Signature: Vanessa – Lover of all spiders

Bold Jumper eats Fruit Fly
Bold Jumper eats Fruit Fly

Dear Vanessa,
Your image of a Bold Jumper eating a Fruit Fly is quite gorgeous.  Though they are commonly called Fruit Flies, members of the genus Drosophila are actually classified as Vinegar Flies.  Because of your dedication to saving and feeding this Bold Jumper, we are tagging your posting with the Bug Humanitarian Award.  Thanks also for drawing our attention to Save a Spider Day which was profiled on the Smithsonian Magazine site.

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