Subject: Blue tarantula
Location: San Antonio, Texas
September 30, 2015 10:08 pm
I discovered this blue tarantula in my backyard this morning. I was having difficulties finding any information on it online. I’m located outside of San Antonio, Texas. The spider was around 3 inches long.
Signature: Ryan Walters

Blue Tarantula???

Blue Tarantula???

Dear Ryan,
The only Tarantulas listed on BugGuide from Texas are in the genus
Aphonopelma, and we did locate one image on BugGuide of Aphonopelma behlei  that has a bluish cast, but not as extreme as your individual.  Perhaps someone with more knowledge on Tarantulas will be able to provide additional information.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

7 Responses to Blue Tarantula???

  1. Wow! That’s beautiful! It’s like the occasional blue lobster they pull out of the water here off the coast of Maine!

  2. Angela, Maybe something to watch for while you are in San Antonio?

  3. Is it possible that it’s a lost pet Cobalt blue tarantula?

  4. edit- This link here shows a very similar unidentified tarantula from Texas; stated in the link that the spider showed a blue coloration after molting that faded soon after.

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