Blue Mud Wasp

Subject: Iridescent Wasp?
Location: Cabot, VT
July 17, 2016 8:03 am
I just found this beautiful wasp-like flying bug, dead in my upstairs window (July). I live in central Vermont, in an old farm house surrounded by cow pastures and woods. We have a small second floor attic space, and I’ve seen both evidence of old wasp nests on the ceiling in there, and live wasps flying out of there. I haven’t seen one like this alive, though. I’ve never seen anything like it, even though I’ve lived in a number of New England farm houses throughout my life. I love your website, and I’m so excited to finally have a bug to send to you!
Signature: Lara

Blue Mud Wasp
Blue Mud Wasp

Dear Lara,
This looks to us like a Blue Mud Wasp,
Chalybion californicum, a species described on BugGuide as:  “A large, active, blue-black wasp with irridescent blue wings. Frequents flowers for nectar and buildings for nest sites.”  BugGuide also states:  “Females construct mud nests in sheltered areas, often under the eaves of buildings, and provision them with spiders. Sometimes refurbishes the nests of other mud-daubers, such as Sceliphron.”

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  1. “Provision them with spiders,” eh? Well, we have plenty of spiders for everyone at our house! Thanks for the response!



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