Subject: Blue jumping spider??
Location: Austin, TX west hills
August 6, 2014 8:44 am
A friend, an arachnophobe no less, posted a pic of a beautiful tiny blue spider that looks like a jumping spider to me but I couldn’t find another matching it’s blueness anywhere online. Is this a really rare blue jumping spider?
Signature: LauraMaura

Blue Jumping Spider???

Blue Jumping Spider???

Dear LauraMaura,
How well do you know this friend?  Is your friend a practical joker?  Excuse us for being skeptical, but we have had submissions in the past that have tried to hoodwink us.  See here and here.  We believe this is a Cardinal Jumper,
Phidippus cardinalis, a species found in Texas, and we believe that the color has been altered in photoshop.  See BugGuide for an image of the Cardinal Jumper.  We know of no electric blue Jumping Spiders in North America.  We began our investigation by cropping much closer and then lightening and cropping a second time.  The edges around the spider do not look right.

Cropped Blue Jumping Spider:  Hoax or Not???

Cropped Blue Jumping Spider: Hoax or Not???

Blue Jumping Spider has questionable edges.

Blue Jumping Spider has questionable edges.

Then we found a similar Cardinal Jumper from our archives and we created a color altered version of the file, which we present side by side for comparison.  Click on the image to enlarge.  You judge:  Hoax or Not???

Cardinal Jumper:  Real and Enhanced color

Cardinal Jumper: Real and Enhanced color

Apparently his camera phone auto-adjusted and this is the color that the spider appeared in the photo, though the photographer says it was more black than blue in person.

Thanks for that information.  The overall color on the original is not true to nature, leaning toward cyan, which might make a black spider appear blue.  Black is a common color for a Jumping Spider.  This is definitely a Jumping Spider in the family Salticidae, but there is not enough detail to determine the exact species.




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Location: Austin, Texas

3 Responses to Blue Jumping Spider: Hoax or Not? You Decide

  1. Sarah Lanning says:

    I moved to Siera Vista, Arizona when I was 18 for a short time. The tiny apartment we stayed in when we first moved there was over run with tiny bright blue furry spiders. I’m scared of spiders and didn’t think to get pictures. This was 26 years ago. I’ve tried to figure out what kind of spider they were since then, but to no avail. Perhaps this is a real picture. A rare type of jumping spider? I thought at the time that it might be a baby tarantula, but I’ve since discovered blue tarantulas don’t live in the US.

  2. Lance Nacke says:

    I’m in eastern Colorado and I have seen 2 tiny metallic blue jumping spiders with black legs…maybe 3-5 mm in length. I’ve tried to catch one to study but no luck, they evaded me easily with there small size and of course jumping ability. I’m still looking but I believe the ones I’ve seen were different than the one in the photo, I believe the one in the photo is a cardinal jumper. It’s slightly more elongated than the ones I’m referring too.

  3. hugh henry says:

    2007 Smiley Texas a large electric blue backed (not just mandibles) tried to climb into my car. I didn’t have anything to photo it with. These are not hoaxes! I have not seen one since. I see lots of texas audacious jumping spiders and today a red backed jumping spider

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