Blue Banded Bee from Australia

One for your collection
Location: Queensland. Australia
January 21, 2012 12:33 am
Hi guys,
Seems you don’t have this guy in the database, or at least the search engine didn’t bring it up for me. These guys, the Blue-banded Bee – Amegilla cingulata, are becoming a very important pollinators for commercial crops as the Small Hive Beetle infests many European Honey Bee nests in Queensland and wipes them out.
Signature: Aussietrev

Blue Banded Bee

Dear Trevor,
Thanks so much for providing us with another wonderful and underrepresented species from Australia.  We are able to link to the Brisbane Insect website which has some nice images of the Blue Banded Bee.  As you indicate, with modern threats to domestic Honey Bee populations, Solitary native bees are becoming increasingly important as pollinators. 

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