Bloodsucking Conenose Nymphs

Subject: Tiny Bugs on sofa?
Location: Los Angeles
December 26, 2013 11:41 pm
Can you tell me what these are? Found them in the cushions around a fabric sofa in my living room.
We live in L.A., CA. Thought maybe immature bed bugs, but don’t look right.
Signature: Stownsend

Blood Sucking Conenose Bug Nymphs
Blood Sucking Conenose Bug Nymphs

Dear Stownsend,
We would love to get a second opinion on this matter, but we are pretty certain that these are the immature nymphs of a Bloodsucking Conenose Bug in the genus
Triatoma.  Also known as “Kissing Bugs, Big Bed Bugs, Mexican Bed Bugs, Bellows Bugs” according to BugGuide, Blood Sucking Conenose Bugs are a known vector for Chagas Disease.  Though this tends to occur more often in the tropics, there have been occurances of Chagas Disease in the U.S.   See this photo on BugGuide for comparison.  We would urge you to take immediate action to eliminate these Bloodsucking Conenose Bug nymphs.

Blood Sucking Conenose nymphs
Blood Sucking Conenose nymphs

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Thank you Daniel.  That certainly looks like the critters.  I still have the nymphs.  the Los Angeles County Agricultural comm. Entomologist wants to examine them for ID.  Can I send one to you or somewhere?
Thanks so much for your help.   Stanley Townsend, Los Angeles

Hi Stanley,
You are best to send them to the the county agency and you may want to contact the LA County Museum of Natural History.  We do not accept specimens, only photographs.  Please let us know what you learn.

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