Blood Engorged Tick

Subject: OK, it’s still alive…..
November 17, 2013 6:25 pm
So, I submitted an identification request on 10/29/13.  Upon submitting the request, I put the bug I wanted identified in an air tight jar.  The bug was obviously dead from what I assumed was lack of oxygen, but I just didn’t feel comfortable letting it go in case it’s “shell” was actually a pod holding eggs and we would soon be infested.  So today is 11/17/13, and I notice that the  bug has climbed up the side of this jar!!  Totally freaked out… food, no air, no water was ever added.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE identify this bug…..I don’t want to kill it, but I’m holding it captive until I know what it is.
Kerry Bizila

please resubmit your photo.  We were away from the office when your original letter arrived and we did not answer any mail during our absence.

Hi Daniel,
Attached are the photos.  It is still moving around, but at times appears dead (lying on back with legs pulled in).  I did open the jar a few times over the past couple days, and threw in some crumbs, but I don’t know if that would be part of it’s diet.  I’m not squeemish, but this bug truly freaks me out.
Let me know if I need to resubmit via the website.

Blood Engorged Tick
Blood Engorged Tick

Hi again Kerry,
This is a blood engorged Tick.  It can survive a very very long time on the meal it had.

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  1. The dog we’re doggy-sitting had a tick like the engorged one shown, but when I found it on the floor, it was not filled with blood, but a tar-like black sticky substance. Does this mean it had been on her so long that the blood turned into that? I will have the owner bring her to the vet tomorrow, but just wanted to check as we’d never seen anything like this.

    Thank you.


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