Blood Engorged Tick

Subject: What kind of bug is this?
Location: Chicago, IL
November 23, 2013 1:19 pm
We’ve seen a few of these in my home the last day or two. I have never seen it before, nor can I find it online. It’s about 3/8” long, and all of the legs are coming out of the front of his ”mouth” it seems. He seems to be dragging this big, bulbous green-brown body behind him.
Signature: Joan


Hi Joan,
This is a Tick, and it appears to be engorged with blood, indicating that it has recently fed.  Do you have a pet that goes outdoors?  This Tick might have gained access to your home by attaching to a pet outdoors, feeding on the blood of the pet and then dropping off the pet in your home.

Yes, thank you! I finally figured it out after searching, and I was really grossed out. I think it came from my dog.

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  1. Hi, a couple days ago I noticed something on my cats face by his wisker save and tried to get it off, it was a funny looking thing that look d like a pod but I couldn’t get it off so my husband said leave it it may be a mole or something on the cat so I left it for th day and when I got up this morning I found the pod on my bed and looked at it in the kitchen on a paper towel and to my surprise I saw little legs in the front of it moving I always dropped when I seen it , turns out to be some kind of a big so I looked it up and here is the bug!


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