Subject:  What is this Bug?
Location:  Sulphur Oklahoma (we presume)
July 14, 2012
Hi Daniel,
I was just wondering what kind of bug this is.
Thank you,
Sherry Cloud

Blister Beetle

Hi Sherry,
This is a Blister Beetle in the family Meloidae, and Blister Beetles should be handled with caution (or better yet, not handled), since they release a compound known as cantharidin from their joints that is known to cause blistering of human skin.  Thanks to BugGuide, we believe your beetle is in the subfamily Nemognathinae.  The closest match we could find was this unidentified species in the genus
Zonitis from BugGuide, but we would not discount that it might be in the genus Nemognatha, which has many orange species represented on BugGuide as well.  Since you did not submit your request using our standard form, we researched our archives and found this earlier posting from you of a Bumelia Borer from Sulphur Oklahoma, and we are presuming this letter is from the same general location.  While we understand it might be easier to just search your email records for our email address, we request that you please use our standard form in the future as there are many fields that assist in our identifications. 

Blister Beetle

Location: Oklahoma

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