Blister Beetle from Sudan

Subject: Poison Insect
Location: Nertiti, Darfur, Sudan
June 19, 2014 3:16 am
I’m Zumairi from Malaysia. No i’m working with UNAMID in Darfur, Sudan. In my Team Site in Nertiti, there is a bug that call by local as Fesseyah (it’s in arabic actually). According to the local’s, this bug is very dangerous and some of the local says it’s more dangerous than hornet! The colour of this bugs is dark green in the top while it’s abdomen and leg are black. It’ length is about 1 inch.
From local villager, i made to understand that this bug will appear themselves in within and after raining season. But sometimes i find it in whatever season. For your information, geographically, Nertiti is half desert which when the raining season, it will be green everywhere.
I need to know better about this bugs, because i never seen it before in Malaysia. And because, the local’s claim that this this bugs are very poison which can be fatal to human!
Signature: Zumairi

Blister Beetle
Blister Beetle

Dear Zumairi,
While we have not been able to identify your beetle to the species level, we can tell you that this is a Blister Beetle in the family Meloidae.  While we believe what you have heard is likely an exaggeration, it is well known that Blister Beetles are capable of secreting a compound known as cantharidin that can cause blistering in human skin.  The legendary aphrodisiac Spanish Fly is made by crushing the bodies of one species of Blister Beetle,
Lytta vesicatoria, and you can get additional information on Encyclopaedia Britannica online.  

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