Black insect with red stripes
Hi, Just found the name of this bug: Meloe majalis. You can find some detailed information (if you’re interested) here:

(04/28/2008) Hi again,
I just found on the web some pictures of similar bugs. It seems to be a Megetra. However I did not find one looking exactly like this and could not find any reference to european Megetras.

(04/27/2008) Black insect with red stripes
I live in Portugal and found this “little” guy wandering around. I had never seen such an insect. Can you help me identify it? It is about 5cm long, runs quite fast and its body is flexible. Thanks.

Ed. Note: As with many of our submissions, we had an offline dialog with Michelle regarding her Blister Beetle. Eventually she provided a more exact identification and we are posting her submission.

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